Cat Security™


  A robust aluminum plate that, once installed, provides a strong barrier against catalytic converter theft. 


 1. Utilizes 3 factory mounted studs as well as retains the factory splash shield.

2. “Dog Ear” corner protects your O2 sensor wire from being cut or damaged by a would be thief.

3. Strategically placed heat extraction holes allows for proper ventilation of the exhaust area.

4. “CCM” logo cut out allows for SMOG technicians to view the numbers on the catalytic converter. as well as provide ventilation for the rear catalytic converter

5. Security hardware prevents rapid removal and requires special tooling. 

  • No welding required
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Made from aluminum and is lighter than all other converter security types
  • Includes security fasteners 
  • Improved underbody aerodynamics (may help improve fuel mileage)
  • Professional installation is highly recommended


Protect Your Prius


Dont Let this Happen to your Prius

the photo on the left is a picture of one of our customers vehicles, their 02 sensor and pipe was cut and cost them roughly 250 dollars for the repair. they were fortunate that something scared the thieves and they did not get the Catalytic Converter that they came for. Not all of our customers are this lucky. most of them are stuck replacing the converter assembly and 02 sensor which cost roughly 2500.00 usd. 


Protect your Prius from thieves


A simple fix for a BIG problem

help stop Catalytic Converter theft